The U.S. President has signed legislation allocating $9.4 billion in foreign funds out of $17 billion in military aid to Israel. US military aid in accordance with its commitments to Israel’s security and shared foreign policy interest in volatile and strategic necessary concerns. Historically, Israel has received thousands of pieces of military assistance, especially from the United States since 1948, still in contemporary supporting Israel, especially going war between Palestine and Israel along with Tensions with Iran.

In this regard, military support for Israel acts as a barrier to regional and global peace, and stability increases the intensity of war. The Israeli-Palestinian war has continued for seven months. 34,000 people were reported killed, including innocent children killed in Israeli airstrikes and ground attacks.

Approximately 1.7 million people were displaced, destruction of infrastructure, education systems, health care and communications systems.

The humanitarian crisis has been caused by Israel’s use of military force against Palestinians. Palestinians have been experiencing war and fever for seven months already. Instead of calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, the United States announced $17 billion in military aid to Israel, which will create a barrier to peace and stability in Gaza. U.S. military support for Israel could impact peace and stability in the Gaza Strip and could potentially contribute to increased conflict in Israel.

The ability to use more force in Gaza against Palestinians. This could exacerbate tensions and lead to a humanitarian crisis, cause civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure, and create a vicious cycle of violence and instability in the region that could intensify hostilities. A barrier to peace and stability.

The war in Palestine is increasing regional tensions between Israel and Iran’s Hamas. Iran is constantly accused of supporting Palestinian groups in the October 7 attack on Israel, and tensions are rising. On December 25, Israel killed Iran’s top general in Syria. In response, tensions rose. Iran launches a missile and attacks Israel. Iran’s Israeli attack on Isfahan has heightened the conflict, and tensions remain due to recently announced military aid to Israel.

The aid package includes military weapons systems that would strengthen Israel’s military capabilities to threaten Iran and intensify the arms race in the region in response to Israeli attacks on the Iranian city of Isfahan.

It impacted the world and increased tension. U.S. military support for Israel could lead to increased aggression against Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, which could lead to airstrikes and retaliatory attacks, creating instability and unrest. Currently, tensions between Israel and Iran are increasing, raising the possibility that the United States and Russia will become involved in a conflict that would destabilize the region.

U.S. military support hinders diplomatic efforts that give Israel a significant military advantage over Iran, threatens peace, and strengthens the bottom line. US military support for Israel is a troubling issue and a challenge to peace and stability. As the war continued in Palestine without a ceasefire, the United States announced a military aid package that worsened the war and humanitarian crisis in Palestine. Israel is killing innocent Palestinians.

The escalating conflict in Palestine, exacerbated by the USA’s support for its allies, has created a dire humanitarian crisis marked by increasing devastation and loss of life. Despite global calls for peace, there’s a notable absence of concerted international efforts to end the war. Meanwhile, voices advocating for Palestine are gaining momentum worldwide. Given that a robust economy is vital for state stability, Israel may face challenges sustaining the war if economic pressures are effectively leveraged.

Pakistan and other Muslim countries are quietly avoiding buying things from big Western companies that they think support Israel. This is making companies like McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coke, KFC, and Nestle sell less stuff in these countries. Some of these companies are even closing some of their shops. If countries keep putting pressure on Israel like this, it might make them stop what they’re doing in Gaza.

By hurting Israel’s economy, there’s a chance to make them stop using power in Gaza and try to solve the problem peacefully.

The international system, especially the United States need to put pressure on Israel to stop and end the bombing, which can be achieved by ending military support and economic threats, which could force Israel to end the war in Palestine.

Tensions between Israel and Iran must also be eased, and the escalation of conflict and involvement of China, Russia, and the USA in this conflict will intensify tensions more if steps aren’t taken to end the ongoing war in Palestine and Israel- Iran tensions. This will soon lead to a humanitarian crisis that will impact regional and global security.

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