Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in France for first time in his recent five years. The President Xi Jinping’s current visit to Paris is brining concerns regarding the challenges it might present for France. The expected highlights of the visit are majorly considering the economic and strategic issues at play, as well as the historical context and China’s role in global affairs. Critics are also brining in discussion that France should approach the visit with caution and work together with other European countries to address China’s actions.

Considering China’s visit to France planned right after German Chancellor’s recent visit to France brings forward following points and its potential outcomes:

  1. The economic and strategic relationship between China and Germany
  2. China’s economic challenges and its efforts to shift towards a high-tech economy
  3. The potential for China to pressure France on trade and commercial practices
  4. The historical and political context of Franco-Chinese relations and China’s strategic thinking
  5. China’s global influence and its role in various international issues
  6. The potential for China to exploit divisions within Europe
  7. The need for a unified approach from the European Union in dealing with China
  8. The potential consequences of giving legitimacy to China’s leader in light of recent events in Hong Kong.
China President Xi JinPing shaking hands with France PM Gabriel
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