Terrorist organizations’ aim to spread fear and intimidation in society for political interests, and they conduct propaganda wars to win the sympathies of a segment of society simultaneously. Losing support in the social environment completely is detrimental for them; they could not succeed without a deceptive propaganda campaign. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is using the same playbook to commit violence in Pakistan; it has adopted a deceptive Islamic ideology to cover up the power mongering of its top leadership. It has martyred more than 84 thousand innocent Muslims in terrorist attacks and suicide bombings in Pakistan, and its propaganda experts are producing lies to demonstrate that the TTP is against the killing of civilians. It has achieved a resurgence in terrorist attacks recently, and as a matter of fact, its militants are targeting every segment of society in the violence.

The TTP finds it very difficult to perpetrate terrorist attacks on the security forces, as the attack site results in the killing of all militants.

Reprisals on the terrorist networks are rapid and very effective. Therefore, it often selects soft targets for the attacks, and people belonging to all segments of society are the victims of the violence. On January 19, 2024, militants killed Dr. Abdul Rehman, the polio program coordinator in Bajaur. TTP claimed responsibility for the IED attack on the police van guarding the polio workers in Bajaur, resulting in the martyrdom of seven policemen in early January. On January 2, terrorists killed six barbers in Mir Ali, North Waziristan. On December 22, 2023, militants killed six laborers in South Waziristan. Militants killed 13 laborers in an IED attack in North Waziristan on August 20, 2023. As the election campaign is in full swing in the country, TTP is killing political workers and election candidates in the terrorist attacks. Hence, TTP continues to kill innocent Pakistanis indiscriminately.

TTP’s deceptive claims and propaganda to escape the responsibility of civilian killings are actually the feelings of guilt among militants over the murders of innocent Muslims, children, women, and elderly in the suicide attacks. Indeed, the Quran upholds the sanctity of human life in an extraordinary way, and under Islamic legal doctrine, terrorism has no place as a tactic of war because of its murderous nature. Islam’s humanitarian aspects remain valid even in the legitimate Jihad, the Quran, chapter 2, verse 190: “Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight you, and do not transgress. Verily, Allah does not like the transgressors.” In this regard, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakr Sadique (RA) have instructed a very strict code of conduct for a Muslim army. These principles stress the importance of not attacking unarmed combatants and non-combatants on the battlefield. In addition, it is important to avoid killing innocent children, women, the elderly, farmers, and laborers in the war. In addition, it is imperative to refrain from destroying animals, crops, trees, and private property during times of war. Unfortunately, terrorist attacks violate all these norms set by the Quran-o-Sunnat and militant outfits have largely harmed the interests of Muslim masses. Therefore, terrorism and militant organisations have been condemned to rejection by the scholars and Ulema of Islam for perpetrating suicide bombings for vested interests.

Since its inception, TTP has been prone to internal power games and infighting due to its crooked nature and tribal rivalries among its leaders.

In 2009, the killing of Baitullah Mehsud sparked a battle for leadership roles between Hakimullah Mehsud and Shehryar Mehsud. Putting religious ideology on the backburner, both rival groups killed scores of their militants in the name of Jihad. After the killing of Hakimullah Mehsud in 2013, Mullah Fazlullah and Khan Said Sajna engaged in a power struggle to seize the assets of the TTP. Militants misused the concept of Jihad to pit against each other in the ensuing clashes. Noor Wali Mehsud has apparently controlled infighting among the commanders; however, this lull is temporary in the banned outfit. The details of these power games, infighting, and killings in TTP are the telltales of abuse of the concept of Jihad for the glorification of violence for personal gains.

As Ulema has become very vocal against terrorism in Pakistan, the chief of the TTP, Noor Wali Mehsud, is propagating that he does not want civilian killings in the attack. To the contrary, ground facts are enough to open the eyes of every Muslim in Pakistan who has little faith in his heart. We are living in an era of mass deception in the name of Islam, and it has become obligatory upon us to adhere to the Quran’s instructions to confirm the veracity of news before reacting to it. In this regard, the youth need to be cautious about terrorist propaganda on social media and networking forums. The restoration of the caliphate and waging jihad for persecuted Muslims could be ideal for every Muslim; however, people need to be aware of people like Noor Wali Mehsud who exploit Islamic ideology for their selfish agendas. The bottom line is that we must reject those leaders and groups that glorify violence and terror in the name of Islam, jihad, the Caliphate, the Quran, and Shariah.

In Pakistan, the government and security forces are well aware of the evil designs and deadly strategies of the TTP. Therefore, the Pakistan Army and law enforcement agencies are making the utmost efforts to protect the people of Pakistan from terrorism and violent extremism. In view of these facts and observations, we must put our full weight behind Government and armed forces in the fight against terrorist outfits. Every Muslim should reject the leaders of these terrorist groups without any hesitation, and we should only follow mainstream Muftis, Ulema and Islamic scholars who oppose terrorist movements and project the real teachings of Islam.

Against this backdrop, Paigham-e-Pakistan, the unanimous Fatwa of thousands of renowned Muftis and Ulema in Pakistan endorsed by Imam-e-Kaaba and grand scholars of Jamia Al-Azhar in Egypt, is a guiding star for the youth. It asserts that suicide bombing is unlawful in Shariah, and no individual or group could wage Jihad in a Muslim country like Pakistan. The terrorists must be punished for the murders and crimes they commit. Hence, this Fatwa has strengthened the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan and their security forces to deal with terrorist outfits with iron hands.

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