Wars, battles, and conflicts between nations have been a norm throughout centuries and nations have always been affording wars and conflicts for various purposes, including religious beliefs, economic benefits as well as personal perspectives such as land and other personifications. Similarly, media war propaganda was introduced not long ago, the term was first used between the 20th century and afterward during the Gulf War in 1990-1991, to change the perspectives of the masses.

The introspective of the supply chain, like the media war, is historically fresh in utilization. The term was first introduced in the early 1980s and later gained prominence in business and management globally up till the present time.

Big corporations of the globe that we see today were not particularly historically persistent. However, such corporations later gained international recognition by Americanization, where corporations like Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Toyota, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and last but not least, Black Stone, played tremendous roles in revolutionizing the supply chain industries. Moreover, corporations like Blackstone, KKR, Apollo Global Management, and The Carlye Group, etc. which in terms of annual revenue are worth trillions in US dollars. Among which incorporate international industries providing loans and investment management, in particular, provide interest profits.

These make the supply chain connected, disruption of which causes total disruption in the supply chain process. The fact that these corporations hold each other’s interests makes them united and vulnerable at the same time as the process of all such corporations is the same: interest-based systematic. The recent incident that happened to occur as supply chain disruption was of Covid 19, when disruption of transportation, closure of corporations, and vice versa played a vital role in disrupting a global supply chain, the reason why oil prices increased and the world saw a decrease in profitable matters.

The current conflict between Israel and Palestine has caused an effect in the cause of supply chain disruption, due to the emergence of boycotts of Zionist corporations. The term Zionists refers to the Jews or others who act in accordance to maintain the state of Israel.

Legal responses by the upper layer of zionist corporations such as McDonald’s and Starbucks have also been recorded in legal actions taken by the corporations against those who were and are boycotting activists. Another factor of the supply chain is the dominance of Zionist corporations where the list starts daily, meaning the corporations don’t have an end, as they grow every single day.

The inflation is calculated in terms of the Western (in this case zionists) corporations, which includes banks, utilities/products, other local, national, and international units or subjects and their relevance with such corporations in terms of contracts. Meaning that local to international units of businesses are related corporations with the Zionists companies and this matter is sometimes in contracts and sometimes related but without any contract or contacts. Boycott from such corporations is believed to be a firm process that disrupts the supply chain. The reason why it is understandable through this process is that the boycott scheme introduced was to cut off the products, at the same time utilization of the internet results in the opposite of the boycotting scheme.

There is no product being boycotted while using the internet, which generates a sum of amount in the progression of the zionist movements. another important factor that must be acquired is the Chinese corporations, which are responsible for standing countries like the US as well as Europe, Australia, Africa as well as Arab states. On the other hand, Chinese loans hold a spectacular amount of responsibility in terms of policies and other financial determinations of nations. The estimated amount of loans provided to the US alone is estimated to be 859 billion USD.

A nation, concerning religious, social, political, or otherwise beliefs tends to expand in its thoughts of unity. Just as the Muslim nation, then Christians, Jews, and culture Chinese as known as the Asian race or Han Chinese are separated in various thoughts and beliefs from the rest of the United Nations, Muslims, Christians, Jews Hindus, etc.

This fact considerably makes the Chinese nation tend to be progressive in its actions throughout the world. But another admission to this piece is that China is building a nation that will not be answerable to any other nation due to the power it is building in terms of all spheres of lively matters on earth in material as well as in preference of people around the world, not just because the relevance of one’s nation with China, but also due to material products which includes technology or material platforms.

The relevance of China is undeniable in the world today. Even though the area of China is not fully populated, as half of China’s east is occupied, the west side is underpopulated. The CPEC project terms to be beneficial to Pakistan too, but in the closure of entirety of benefits is taken under the administration of China.

CPEC as present in the west of China, tends to populate the west side, making China more habitable than any other nation.

Moreover, the conflicts of nations build up a positive reputation for China, and concerning the policy affairs of nations China will be progressing in terms of reputation in policy making. This certainly makes the zionists, to be China as well. A silent killer of the nations.  A nation that does not come responsible for errors in any terms of global policies that it makes despite the presence of United Nations and Europe or NATO-aligned country’s dominance in the UN itself. The relevance of China in the economic affairs of the majority of countries makes China a firm player in their national public as well as security policies.

There is no presence of any national systematic resistance to China, and the fact that China also backs the resistance movements of NATO in terms of financial support, there seems to be another base of uniformity of the Asian race ( the term here refers to the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. ) happen to present a race superiority of the nation itself and this can also be interpreted to a pure Chinese dominance in terms of race superiority propaganda led by the nation to be handed over global policies. This is because of the relevance of China’s rich and powerful culture and not elsewhere in terms of race and its dominance among other Asian races. Moreover, Chinese civilization predates other Asian races which includes Japan and Korea etc.

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