Democracy was supposed to provide the population with their rights, predominantly their right to freedom. But what we tend to understand after a historical analysis is that Democracy is just a Delusion that makes you live in a world where you are deluded with the thought that you have the right to freedom. But, in actuality, you are surrounded by a system that has limited your ability to think and analyze the situation. We all are so stuck in our domestic and national issues that we don’t think of focusing on what’s happening in the world and what drastic consequences we will endure in the coming years. In short, we are unable to decode the Great Game till now.

For this, they started by secretly creating a problem in the world and making sure someone else was blamed for it in the public arena. In the general election, it could be run on a currency government Collapse or, at its most extra, cause the same people funded the two World Wars, and it is probable.

The same people who supported the allies in the Second World War and financed the Soviet Union also funded Hitler through loans from America known as the Young Planet the Doors Plan and also by the German subsidiaries of American multinational companies.

Why would they do that? Why would someone want to fund all sides in a war? What is good in a fight? Well, first of all, on one level, it makes vast amounts of money if you lend money to all sides, and you’re also selling them lots of arms and all that stuff. Still, the fundamental reason for a war is to change the nature of post-war society, as has been done earlier.

What we saw in the First World War and the Second World War were massive global examples of Problem Reaction Solutions. We are looking at a gigantic pot trick before our eyes. We don’t live in a democracy in a country and other places; we live in a One Party State where the same force from the peak of the pyramid string pools or sites the creation of a One World Government, to which nation-states would be principalities administrative units, both central bank which would administer all financial transactions on the planet, a world currency or more specifically CBDC, which wouldn’t be coins and notes it would be merely electronic cashless society to which there are fundamental implications of freedom. As we go along tonight, we see a world army under centralized control with nation-state armies dismantled under the justification of seeking peace and a microchipped population linked to a global computer, what we name AI (Artificial Intelligence). The latter sounds bizarre to many people on first hearing, except that we are ridiculously close to it, and the technology already exists.

Moreover, the World Health Organization says there will be an epidemic next year. Get vaccinated; get your children vaccinated. You’re you’re a terrible parent if you don’t. They are the same people who organized that and started blocking the vaccine, making a fortune taking one element of that on the problem-reaction solution.

It is incredible how much we have given our spiritual power away. It’s all about taking our control back because once we do that, it’s all over.

Therefore, we need to open our minds and think critically. We are not animals that were just born to eat, drink, and be merry. We all need to play our individualistic role to prevent further damage.


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