World has been witnessing various global and regional conflicts in recent past. International community is silent and watching these developments from the corner. From Russia-Ukraine war to Israel-Gaza conflicts, we have seen bloodshed and failure of international community to prevent these conflicts from further escalation. Thousands of people have been killed, millions are injured and displaced in these war-torn countries.  People in these conflict zones are waiting for miracle and global aid. Humanitarian crisis is likely to worsen in these countries.

When First World War was ended, League of Nation was established under the Treaty of Versailles in order to prevent future conflicts across the world. Initially, League of Nation worked efficiently to prevent further conflicts. However, it was also politicized later on as global powers’ rivalry engulfed the organization. Ultimately, failure of League of Nation to prevent Second World War led to the demise of the organization. The United States’ failure to take interests in League of Nation was another factor in the failure of this global organization. Additionally, the reluctance of Britain and France, the League’s most influential members, to confront Hitler’s actions contributed to its downfall.

The actual authority of League of Nation was undermined when Japan invaded Manchuria, Hitler’s withdrawal from League of Nation and Italian invasion of Abyssinia. The effectiveness of the organization diminished after these events, which ultimately led to the disintegration of the organization. After the end World War II, United Nation emerged and established as alternative global organization with the aim of security and economic prosperity of the world. It also aimed to curb international conflicts such as war and attacks. However, despite its perceived importance, the UN has struggled to effectively resolve disputes and maintain peace.

Similarly, United Nations also failed to prevent conflicts and attacks across the world. It couldn’t stop major powers from attacking smaller states and the prevision equal distribution of resources. Recent failures in conflicts such as Palestine-Israel, Afghanistan, and other global tensions highlights the inadequacies of this global organization.

The world has been facing various political, economic and strategic challenges amid ongoing global conflicts. Developing countries are suffering immensely due to the power struggle of major states. Developing nations like Pakistan are particularly vulnerable, facing economic, political, and social challenges while being underestimated by the international community. Instead of investing in poverty eradication, resources are diverted towards arms sales and destructive pursuits. Powerful nations like the USA, UK, and their allies often engage in economic and military actions in distant regions, assuming they are insulated from consequences.

Developing countries are struggling to uplift their economy and other related areas. The recent Covid pandemic also affected overall progress made by developing countries. Unfortunately, developed countries couldn’t help these developing and vulnerable states in these testing times. The developed world must acknowledge the dangers of provoking vulnerable nations and creating instability. There is still an opportunity to foster cooperation and prevent further escalation before tensions escalate into irreversible conflicts.

The emergence of new economic and strategic organization is a good omen for developing states. It is pivotal for strong nations to provide political, economic and military support to developing countries to boost their country’s economy. It is high time for international community to ensure justice distribution of resources on merits. Addition of developing states into the leading strategic and economic blocks will further pave the way for cooperation among strong and weaker nations.

War is not the solution of any issue. Conflicts always brought cruelties in the country and cause more hunger and poverty. The developed world must not ignore the historical perspective of many a previous wars that might, when falsely and continuously abused to undermine and challenge the existence and survival of weak na­tions, it can trigger very strange results. Weakest, in their eyes, may not have yet disclosed the hidden weapons they manage to create, which could cause a surprise to the world who continue unabated to destroy the peace of in the East. World should learn from its past mistakes and work for strong economic integration this time.

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