Even in the little hamlet of Rafah, which UNICEF called the “City of Children” and where Palestinian civilians and children seek safety, the inhumane attack on Palestinians serves as a terrifying reminder of the genocide taking place in the 21st century. The world that calls itself civilized today is glaringly aware of Netanyahu’s insanity and despotism, which are reminiscent of Hitlerism. During a conversation that took place off-camera, he stated his terrifying thinking: “The main thing is, first and foremost, to hit them hard. Not just one hit… but many painful hits, so that the price will be unbearable…a total assault on the Palestinian Authority.

The brutality and contempt for human life that have become all new normal in the continuing genocide are encapsulated in Netanyahu’s remarks. 

It indicates a dangerous propensity to sacrifice innocent lives in the name of political goals when he calls for constant strikes on Palestinian infrastructure and people. A peaceful conclusion to the problem is likewise hampered by such language, which also encourages violence.

Gaza is experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis, which is further highlighted by the invasion of Rafah, which was marked by random bombardment and the establishment of a blockade that deprives its citizens of basic goods. Millions of Palestinians are at risk of malnourishment and illness due to Israel’s tight control over the key entry points into Gaza.

A blatant breach of international law and a war crime is the intentional destruction of civilian facilities, such as hospitals and schools. The humanitarian catastrophe ravaging Gaza, where people are living in unimaginable suffering due to overcrowded shelters and a lack of supplies, is exemplified by the situation in Rafah. Children suffer the most from the violence, and many of them become orphans or become traumatized as a result of what they have seen.

Israel’s main objective may go beyond security or military triumph, as seen by the systematic evacuation and destruction of residential areas in Gaza, which destroyed 80 percent of the residences in the northern part of the territory. As part of a bigger scheme to create “Greater Israel,” it seems to be part of the plan to assert control over the West Bank and maybe portions of Gaza. Israel also aims to weaken Palestinian resistance by obliterating their ability and will to fight against further denials of their rights, especially their right to self-determination under International law.

Examining Israeli strategy makes it clear that the severe revenge seen in response to Hamas assaults is not justified by security reasons alone. Instead, it appears like Zionist objectives are being deliberately advanced through the harsh and excessive genocidal approach. The widespread devastation, the large-scale forced evacuations, and the attempts to force Gazans to either stay and risk death or escape to Egypt are all clear indications of this approach.

The ultimate goal seems to be Israeli dominance over the West Bank, which will be made easier by directing attention away from the atrocities on Palestinians in the West Bank to genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The fact that the mainstream media only criticizes Israel’s actions in relation to humanitarian concerns ignores the serious transgressions of international law and the dehumanization of Palestinians. The attacks, which are genocidal and disregard civilian lives and fundamental rights, are evident in the ongoing assaults, like the one in Rafah.

In light of occupation and the Fourth Geneva Convention’s obligations, it is imperative to acknowledge that Israeli actions cannot be justified as self-defense. Israel’s criminal behavior is made possible by the complicity of liberal democracies, which undermines the legitimacy of international law by providing military and diplomatic support to Israel.

The unwillingness of Western governments to hold Israel responsible for its actions, in spite of overwhelming evidence of atrocities, feeds the cycle of violence and impunity. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has called for an end to what it calls intimidation of its staff, stating that such threats could constitute an offense against the “administration of justice” by the world’s permanent war crimes court.

This exposes the shameful lobbying for Israel and the double standard by the United States, the torchbearer of liberal democracy. Although the prosecutor did not specifically name Israel, it came after US and Israeli officials threatened to withhold support from the ICC should it issue arrest warrants related to Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. Nonetheless, a number of Global South nations are starting to organize in support of the Palestinian cause, posing a threat to the geopolitical dynamics that justify Israel’s criminal conduct in Gaza.

Israel’s activities in Gaza, particularly in Rafah, are the culmination of a systematic effort to persecute and drive out Palestinians, motivated by racial and territorial ambitions.

Failure to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and hold those responsible accountable undermines the principles of justice and international law and prolongs misery and war in the region.

There is more work to be done to solve the Gaza crisis, in addition to short-term ceasefires and humanitarian relief. The underlying causes of the conflict must be addressed to find a just and durable resolution that respects the rights and dignity of every Palestinian. These include ending the ongoing occupation and siege, imposing strict sanctions on Israel, and holding war criminals accountable for their attempted genocide in Gaza.

At its core, the crisis in Gaza is a humanitarian catastrophe that calls for immediate attention and intervention. The lives of defenseless civilians, particularly children, are in danger, and such injustice cannot be tolerated by the international community. It’s time for the international community to support Palestinian rights and strive for a world ruled by justice and peace.

Netanyahu and all of the other enablers of genocide in his cabinet who helped to facilitate this massacre must be held accountable for their war crimes. To guarantee justice for the victims and stop such crimes, they must be designated as war criminals and legal action must be taken through the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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