Keeping the debate aside; whether the brutal massacre in Palestine is initiated by Hamas, Israel or is based on any other hidden global agenda, seriousness of the conflict demands an immediate ceasefire to the poor helpless yelling of innocents. The custodians of international peace and humanitarian rights have become blind to comprehend the brutality of the conflict. Likewise the Muslim Ummah became deaf to catch pleads of left-overs, leaving it as an ethnic condrum.

Hospitals in Gaza Strip are witnessing critical situation as there is no light; doctors are using flash lights to stitch in with no anesthesia and no medicine. One of the Gaza reporter reported that surgeons are using vinegar and tap water to clean the wounds. Al-Shifa hospital is the only major hospital to treat emergencies. Israel defense forces attacked even its ICU. This was the only place to lodge/shelter war effectees, people and children but has also been destroyed badly claiming Israeli prisoners under some imaginary tunnels.

Every country’s public and governmental responses to the Palestinian butchery express to their position to the Israel-Palestine conflict, along with the goals of their respective ruling political parties.

The unbearable slaughtering has expanded and prolonged so much that resulted in huge protests all around the globe. The death toll and destruction updates are proliferating continuously on social media. Paradoxically, that is also facing crackdowns at some places throughout the world. Analytics around the globe are “accusing the international community, especially the Western powers, of appearing indifferent to actions taken by Israel against the Palestinian people.” All the global states took a more cautious approach, reflecting their perceptions of the seriousness of the conflict and its consequences.

Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu in a meeting confessed publically that nuking Gaza was “one of the possibilities” Israel could use in its ongoing bombardment of the Palestinian territory. After which he was suspended for an indefinite period by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Even though the mode of attacks Israel is carrying out on Gaza Strip has not destructed less than an atomic bomb, but the question arises how could the international community kept muted on the risk of use of nuclear weapons. Analytically, it ends the deterrence factor of the nuclear weapons established by the recognized P5 nuclear weapons states.

Narrating about the 57 member states international organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) works to safeguard and protect interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony. 

On terms of Palestine, the OIC has issued several resolutions including the Final /Communiqué of the extraordinary open-ended meeting of the OIC Executive Committee at the level of Foreign Ministers on the brutal Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people.  The communiqué reaffirms the centrality of the Palestinian issue for the entire Islamic Ummah and supports the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, most notably their right to self-determination and the return of Palestinian refugees, their right to independence, and the embodiment of the independent and sovereign State of Palestine on the borders of June 4th, 1967, with its capital, Al-Quds Al-Sharif. The OIC called for the immediate cessation of the barbaric aggression of the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people and the immediate lifting of the siege imposed to the Gaza Strip.

Since the Arab League failed to conclude a consensus regarding Israeli embargos, it met in a mutual summit with the OIC few days back to discuss the Israel – Palestine extremism. The height of repentance is that the so-called religious group could not even unite on imposing any economic embargo on Israel nor the proposals concerning disruption in oil supply to Israeli soil could be concluded. Nevertheless, the final declaration of the summit rejected Israeli claims that it is acting in “self-defence” and demanded that the United Nations Security Council adopt “a decisive and binding resolution” to halt Israel’s aggression.

Irony with Pakistan’s stance here is that even though Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar in the recent OIC and Arab League summit reaffirmed its support and solidarity for the unfortunate Palestinians, only aimed at their right to self-determination. Regrettably, a nuclear power Muslim state could also not demonstrate any deterrence aggression to the brutal state – Israel believing its right to consider a Muslim as a weakest creature that can be crushed like an animal. No doubt, Pakistan went nuclear after India but one cannot forgo the fact that it is also taken as a ray of hope by the Muslim states considering it as an Islamic bomb. As a result, this recent Palestinians’ genocide in the Gaza strip ends any kind of hope from its Muslim brothers.

Summing up; as the killing of innocent people in Gaza is in its second month, the OIC and the international community failed to stop Israel from the ongoing bloodbath. Still, the international community and Muslim world needs to unite against Israel’s brutality on the people of Gaza. Factually nuclear weapons are not meant for use but if they cannot even fulfill its purpose to deter such a barbaric aggression then it is better to abandon them.

One cannot forget the fact that Israel has always discussed about its nuclear capabilities in a very specific way calling it as “amimut.” Amimut is about ambiguity—which is a deliberate policy meant to obfuscate, but has never outright denied the country’s nuclear capabilities which was recently endorsed by Israeli Minister Eliyahu.

Gaza is inhabited by approximately 2.3 million Palestinians. Owing to the fact that Israel, on record announced, it will keep its gruesome attacks on civilian settlements to the Gaza Strip till the last person dies; international community especially the United States require practical essential measures other than just giving political regretful statements, on a serious note, to halt the unlawful warfare on immediate basis.

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