After videos of sexual violence against women by the ‘Kuki tribes’ of Manipur surfaced, many people are questioning what is happening in India, which calls itself the largest democracy. Riots have been raging in the state of Manipur for two months, in which hundreds of people have been killed so far; However, the Modi government is sitting quietly. After all, why is no effort being made to save people’s lives and property? Manipur is a north-eastern state of India that has been plagued by insurgency and riots from time to time. One of the reasons for this is that most of the people of this state want independence from India. At the same time, various tribes are also engaged in civil war here. Many tribes like Maitai, Kuki, Naga, Bishnu and Adivasi are living here. The capital of this state is Imphal and the population is more than 3 million. At present BJP is ruling here.

The Maitai tribe constitutes the majority population in Manipur and constitutes about 53% of the state population. Apart from Hindus, a large number of Christians also live in this state and Muslims are also settled.

The conflict started here only after the partition of India. The Maitai tribe wants a separate and independent existence while the Koki want to establish their own separate administration. Most of the people here are supporters of communism. Due to religious, regional and ideological differences, the people here have been fighting each other for a long time. Apart from this, military groups, armed groups and various militias are also working here and the people are suffering in this war.

Although the situation in Manipur has always been tense, it has now turned into a civil war. More than 150 people have been killed in the riots that have been going on for two months, while around 100,000 have been displaced. The Maitai and Kuki tribes are fighting each other. It should be noted that Maitai tribe is religiously Hindu while Kuki and other tribes are followers of Christianity and Judaism. At this time, the Meitai clan is doing all possible oppression on the Kuki clan. Hundreds of churches have been burnt, people’s houses are being set on fire while the Modi government and Indian Home Minister Amit Shah are turning a blind eye to all these issues and repeating that ‘all is well’. Last week, a few videos regarding Manipur went viral on social media.

A video showed the women of the Kuki tribe being raped and then being stripped naked and paraded around the area. Seeing these terrible scenes, it seems that India is still three to four centuries behind. All this is so painful that every heartbroken person is feeling pain over it. This is actually a tragedy that took place in May, the video of which has now surfaced. Children and women are always victims of wars, riots and riots.

Racial riots have been happening in Manipur since the nineties, behind which elements like religious discrimination, casteism, mutual hatred, armed groups and tribal system are hidden, but the Indian government has never expressed concern or concern in this regard, but still. BJP Chief Minister is supporting Meitai tribe.

Arms licenses are freely distributed here, while often armed groups attack police stations and loot weapons. Perhaps this looting also includes the support of the government. Most of the armed groups were found to have the same weapons that were “looted” from the security forces there. In the recent riots, people on both sides have attacked armories and police installations and looted weapons. People have AK-47s, rifles and even bombs. Due to this civil war, many citizens have been displaced from their homes. Their property, goods, livestock and houses were taken away from them. More than one lakh people are looking for shelter, food and living opportunities amid lack of services. Countless people are refugees in camps. Ethnic riots, caste divisions and religious hatred are engulfing India’s minorities.

Manipur has a lot of opium cultivation. There is open drug trade in this area and drug lords are also operating here. Now, religious hatred has prevailed over militancy. Currently, the internet is suspended in the entire state, which is the reason why the true situation of the area is not being revealed. A large number of Indian soldiers are deployed in this area, but the Indian army is also not doing anything to protect the people.

The recent conflict between the Kuki and Maitai tribes started when the government got the green signal to grant Scheduled Caste status to the Maitai tribe. This status gives quota in many government benefits including jobs. On this decision, the Kuki tribes started protests, while the Maitai tribes also came against them, so the protests became violent and attacks started on each other from both sides. Despite the curfew and internet shutdown, the situation is still the same. Women’s rap is being used as a weapon. It seems that in Manipur also atrocities are being inflicted on the people like what was inflicted on the Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. Here the question arises whether these armed groups and drug lords are being used against the minorities by the Modi government itself. is using or the rebels are not really under its control. Maitai tribes want a separate state of their own even though they occupy only ten percent of Manipur’s area despite being the largest in population. Kuki tribes are less in population but they cover 90% of the state’s area, that’s why they want separate administration.

Apart from Hindus and Christians, there are also a limited number of Muslims, most of whom are refugees from Myanmar. In Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims faced very bad treatment, due to which they migrated here, but now the inhumane treatment of women here has shaken the whole world. If the criminals are not punished severely. If you go here, this series will increase even more.

‘Sexual violence on women’, then make a video of it and spread it on social media. Such heinous crimes must be stopped at all costs. Riots are not happening only in Manipur, but in the neighboring states of Orissa, Telangana, Jharkhand, Mizoram, Nagaland, Chhattisgarh, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Maoist rebels are also present in large numbers who are fighting against the Indian government and want freedom. He says that he will never negotiate with the Delhi government. Seventeen major insurgent movements are currently active in the entire region, including the Maoist, Bubarkhalsa, Kuki National Army, Tripura Tiger Force, Kirbi Lungri Liberation Front, Nagaland Independence Movement, Manipur and Tamil Nadu Army. Apart from this, the largest freedom movement is being conducted by unoccupied Kashmiris in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They are demanding their right to vote from India following the UN resolutions, but the Indian government is maintaining its usurpation of the region through its army and the persecution of Kashmiris has continued for the past seven and a half decades.

Manipur lacks development work and the Kuki tribes are particularly hostile to New Delhi. The BJP chief minister has also canceled the peace agreement with the Kuki tribes, after which the situation has worsened. Modi government and Godi media kept saying good things but when the videos of women came out then the media started saying something. Now they are trying to blame this rape on Muslims which is a complete lie. The Modi government is still not learning from its mistakes and is doing everything to fuel the fire.

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