Finally, the noose got tightened against India. A 45 year old Sikh Khalistan Leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot dead on 18 June 23 Infront of a temple in Surrey, Canada. Investigations have now revealed Indian RAW agents involvement behind this gruesome assassination. The victim was designated by India in July 2020 as a terrorist. In an emergency statement to the Canadian House of Commons by the PM Justin Trudeau on 19 Sep 23, he termed it ‘unacceptable violation of Canada’s sovereignty’, exposing the true face of terrorism to of democratic India to the world.

The words of the PM were clear to the core when he said that “Canadian security agencies have been actively pursuing credible allegations of a potential link between agents of the government of India” and Nijjar’s death. Severity of the incident can be gauged from the fact that said matter was discussed between Canadian & Indian premiers on the sidelines of recently concluded G20 summit in New Delhi. Sensing the insensitivity of the Indian government to the issue, Canada has expelled the India’s top intelligent agent in Canada on 19 Sep 23. Canada has the highest population of Sikhs outside India in the world consisting of 1.4 Million souls. After the PM statement, Sikh community groups in Canada, the British Columbia Gurdwaras Council (BCGC) and Ontario Gurdwaras Committee (OGC), urged the Canadian government to “immediately suspend all intelligence, investigative and prosecutorial cooperation with India.

Canada’s comprehensive response must reflect the gravity of India’s role in the premeditated murder of a Sikh dissident living in Canada.

Due to the massive support to the Sikh Khalistan movement spearheaded by the Indian diaspora in Canada, UK and Australia, India seems to be really nervous from the ongoing momentum to the separatist movement. Reportedly, PM Modi has shown concerns in this regard to Canadian Premier in G20; however Canada has upheld its principal stance on the free speech to the Indian grievances over the issue. USA National Security Council has also shown its deep concern over the issue.

India wants to arrest this renewed vigor in the Khalistan movement. Reportedly in June 23, Indian government has also asked Britain to curb the political activities of Sikhs. India was really embarrassed when footage was aired worldwide whereby Khalistan banners detached Indian Flag from the diplomatic mission building in London.

Although India has refused the allegations as ‘Absurd & Motivated’, however, International media has given wide range coverage to the Canadian stance on the issue.

Media reports are speculating about the Indian National Security Advisor Doval personal involvement in the new drive to crush the Khalistan leader world over. June 23 was deadly for the Khalistan leaders. First, on June 15, Avtar Singh Khanda, a member of the Khalistan Liberation Force, died at a hospital in the United Kingdom’s, reportedly being poisoned. Khanda led the protest at the Indian High Commission in London in March 23. Then, Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot on 18 June in Canada. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a pro-Khalistan leader based in the United States, has also alleged that RAW, Modi, Amit Shah and Ajit Doval are responsible for Nijjar’s assassination. These series of killing thus could not be termed as coincidences and is a clear indication of a work of trained agents.

These reports are a clear indication of Indian renewed resolve of going an extra mile in eliminating anyone it considered detrimental to its polices in any country with no regard to sovergnty and rules/ regulations of civilized world. Although world has generally turned a blind eye toward Indian terrorism tactics due Geo-Economic preferences, with particular reference to Indian atrocities in the Indian held Kashmir and Indian support to terrorists in Baluchistan, Pakistan, however, it is hoped that head would now roll since now the matter involve killing of a Canadian citizen in Canada by the Indian agents, in a clear violation to Canada’s Sovereignty & Civilized norms of the contemporary world.

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