‘’Hybrid warfare’’, as it indicates, is an artifact having diversified types of dualistic or additional components. Primarily, it denoted the engagement of asymmetrical powers and non-state players by way of soldierly competence. Subsequently, during the 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict, which experienced Hezbollah commissioning guerrilla combat sideways with the pioneering practice of technology and propagative information movement, Frank Hoffman devised the expression of ‘hybrid threat’ and ‘hybrid warfare’ to enlighten the solicitation of numerous, varied strategies concurrently in contradiction of an adversary. In the nonexistence of a fixed word, several expressions like ‘hybrid risks’, ‘hybrid hazards’, ‘hybrid enemy’, ‘artificial war’, ‘modern warfare’, ‘divergent war’, ‘grey zone’, and ‘unhampered warfare’ are in practice through armies and university circles in diverse states. Nonetheless, the spell ‘Fifth Generation Warfare’ actuality wholly around ‘data and observation’ by reliance on non-kinetic resources like societal consent manufacturing, misrepresentation, dark web misappropriation, etc. can be arranged in the sustenance of hybrid vendetta however does not make available a substitute term.

Hybrid warfare depends upon aggravating ancient, racial, sacred, cultural, financial, and terrestrial dissimilarities or fault appearances in the public.

Its gears comprise proxy rivalry, info war, false propagation, guerrilla accomplishments, radical and ambassadorial bullying, monetary suffocation, computer-generated disinformation, public consent manufacturing, fabrication, and lawfare, etc. The provoker also deeds to control sway over global players and bodies via ambassadorial energies. Nevertheless, all these are commanded through intelligence apparatus schemes. The committers of hybrid war procedure multi-layered penetration into rival arrangements with the purpose to discourage subvert and fragment the opponent with a fundamental resolve of scheming or manipulating the latter into obedience. The intrusion fashions split and divergence in the inhabitants psychosomatically challenges policymaking competencies and methodically cripples monetary and data set-ups. The consequence of the collective special effects of this type of determination is calamitous for the object realm. Additionally, this type of contention is a skirmish tussled in conversant and unversed arenas, from the computer-generated dominions of the Internet to the brains of the public. It has an irregular modus operandi and numerous elements intermingle at different stages. Criminal maneuvers have the capacity to regulate their plan and put on the elements individually or in diverse arrangements to operate strength according to the injunctions of the location.

Hybrid warfare is not a newfangled notion. Intelligence, false propagation, misinformation, monetary choking, and revolutionary accomplishments have been used in confrontations for a long. Newfangled tools and expertise in the information technology era have, nevertheless, auxiliary a firsthand aspect and prepared it very operative and smart.

The inadmissibly extraordinary cost of workforces, materials,s and funds in contemporary battles has also prepared hybrid warfare as a supplementary striking preference.

Similar to several other countries, Pakistan also has a number of weaknesses: imperative ones being identity skirmish, racial and religious division, imbalanced financial prospects, governmental uncertainty, fragile or incompetent institutes, etc. These have been auxiliary provoked by a pitiable governance system, and failure to instrument law and deliver justice to the distressed. Though adversaries would continually abuse our mistake outlines and weaknesses, it is our obligation to guard our nationwide priorities. Tactlessly, the very bad governance which was accountable to make and instrument impracticable plans to lessen defenselessness has consciously or unconsciously proceeded as a facilitator to broaden the gap. Sequential leaders, regardless of tying together the cracks via dialogues, negotiation, and common interest, have additionally worsened the dissections via thoughtlessness, strictness, and undifferentiating use of power. These types of maneuvers, though momentarily efficacious, triggered continuing dissimilarities.

Frequent disasters have put Pakistan’s territorial integrity, social organization, financial strength, civilization, political solidarity, etc. in jeopardy. It, consequently, suits tremendously central for the regime and all the government institutes to prudently do homework on history and measure recent contests to comprehend the hazard and its consequences for the country. It is advocated that all stakeholders should be carried on the panel to brand procedures and approaches intended to meritoriously react to the all-inclusive gamut of hybrid warfare. Simultaneously, hard work must be finished to cover the mistreatment of these weaknesses by exterior powers and their local adherents. The procedures must also devise to defend our national safety and guarantee state solidity while enduring worldwide reasonable and politically applicable solutions in the surfacing of geopolitical situations.

Extents demanding instantaneous thoughtfulness contain continual growth for a reliable economy, refurbishing the education method, fashioning religious, racial, and inter-lingual accord, an operational lawful and judicial system, readjusting our external strategy to shifting geostrategic veracities, producing responsiveness for headship and commonalities regarding the peril, the operational practice of academia, mass media, social media and think tanks, discovering lawful possibilities and growth of a nationwide narrative.

Since no program can be supportable without civic engagement, the government and all its establishments should exertion to induce strong suit from the inhabitants.

As the antagonist’s actions aggravate and abuse our susceptibilities, there is a necessity to exhibit idealistic headship to resolve the dissimilarities irrespective of complexing them with absolute egotism and scorn. Sorting to procedures that did not harvest anticipated effects in the previous, will only be parallel to emphasizing disaster.

Above all technological advancement assists the transgressors in terms of misinterpretation of facts, for instance, social media promulgates false information without knowing its genuineness. Dark web-like websites brand wireless links among the culprits’ variety the task easier than in the past. Information technology sorts the sabotage activities much more systematized and the arrest of culprits more challenging. There are lots of software applications accessible on them one can interconnect without uncovering his identity. Pakistan as a huge state which has a lot of internet users is more susceptible to subversion.

As a vulnerable state of affairs, authorities must devise a strategy to curb the effects of hybrid warfare. High-tech apparatus must be installed to tackle the data coming from outside.

Increasing political polarization and social media teams of political parties should be hampered to disseminate anti-state tendencies in common people of the country. Above all, an authority must be established to regulate the global data flow. High-tech paraphernalia must be delivered to law enforcement agencies at the district level to investigate, analyze, detect, and arrest the culprits. Hybrid warfare purely is the phenomenon in which a state is collapsed by its own people. Countrywide national awareness campaigns can be accommodating to evade persistent subversive data flow. In conclusion, we should behave like a nation, not an accumulation or gathering of people to avoid a Hybrid threat.

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