The ongoing Gaza-Israel conflict has been reshaping the entire political, economic, and strategic landscape of the entire Middle East. This conflict is undeniably proving to be a watershed moment in the already volatile ties of Israel-Palestine, which has further intensified the fragile environment of the Middle East. Additionally, the root cause of the conflict can be traced back to Israel’s aggressive posture and illegitimate actions against the innocent people of Palestine. The attack on Gaza came amid rumors of the normalization of more states with Israel, including Saudi Arabia. Without any doubt, the conflict has created a humanitarian catastrophe, with thousands of Gazans killed since October 7 last year.

The wounded people are starving and struggling to get medical aid because of the embargo imposed by Israeli authorities.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have killed thousands of Palestinians while resorting to unprovoked violence in the Gaza Strip. International community, organizations, and human rights watchdogs have been warning regarding possible humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip. However, Israeli authorities refused to pay heed to the warning and continued to attack the defenseless people of Gaza.

In the last few weeks, Israeli authorities have attacked hospitals and schools in Gaza, which made the lives of people miserable. In the aftermath of seven months of conflict, the initial narrative surrounding the 7th October attacks has been challenged by various intelligence reports and experts. There is a growing belief that Israel’s Prime Intelligence Agency, Mossad, had prior knowledge of the impending attack. Hamas, having prepared for a year, was not operating in complete secrecy, and Mossad, known for its extensive penetration into the West Bank, Gaza, and the broader Middle East, could not have been completely unaware of such preparations. This raises critical questions about whether Israel deliberately allowed the attack to unfold to justify a large-scale military response against Gaza.

The attack by Hamas attack on Israel came in defense as the Israeli government under PM Netanyahu is determined to occupy the entire Gaza through the use of force. Israel’s quest for the occupation of Gaza has further complicated the situation, and the chances of ceasefire and peace are slightly dim due to the warmongering policies of the Israeli war cabinet. If this same situation prevails for another couple of months, the population of Gaza may be wiped out due to severe food shortages.

Israel wants to grab the maximum land of Palestinian people to settle more Jewish communities. Its quest for more lands is synonymous with greater security and strategic depth.

Unfortunately, Israel has been ignoring all the ethos of democracy. Given the demographic proximity between Jewish and Muslim populations in what could be considered Greater Israel (including Gaza and the West Bank), Israel cannot afford a single democratic state where both populations coexist under equal citizenship.

Likewise, the two-state theory is the only possible scenario when discussing the solution to the Gaza conflict. The chances of peace without a two-state solution are dim and may escalate the conflict. The concept of a two-state solution has long been a point of contention. Despite pressure from the US for an independent and contiguous Palestinian state, the current political and military leadership of Tel Aviv effectively rejected the concept. The recent report by the US intelligence fraternity implies Israel may launch a full-scale attack soon on innocent people of Palestine to wipe out the Muslim population. The war cabinet of Israel comprising hardliners provided the perfect pretext for this genocidal campaign.

The recent Gaza-Israel conflict has also reshaped public opinion not only in the US but also in Western states. A large number of people are expressing their frustration and annoyance against their governments for supporting the illegitimate actions of Israel. Research polls in various Western states imply that almost 60-70% of youth with proper education kept anti-Israel sentiments. In a major breakthrough, many European states, such as Spain, Norway, and Ireland, have recently announced their acceptance of Palestine as an independent state. This decision will likely encourage more states to recognize Palestine as independent.

Amid ongoing agitations against Israel, various states in the West and the US have decided to yield to public pressure and reduced support for Israel, be it political, economic, or military.

The conflict in Gaza has also clearly exposed the fault lines in Israeli defense. Despite having the world’s best defense equipment and the backing of European as well as American administrations, Israel has suffered massive setbacks, which are raising valid and serious questions regarding the efficacy of its air defense and intelligence agencies. Hamas breached Israeli defenses on 7th October. Likewise, the Iranian attacks on Israel have also left negative marks on Israeli defense policies and preparations for war.

Notably, on 13th April 2024, Iran directly attacked Israel from its soil, challenging the myth of Israeli deterrence. Despite facing harsh conditions and military attacks from Israel, the people of Gaza are strong with high spirits. The 7th October tragedy highlighted the Palestinians’ determination and love for their homeland. This unwavering spirit has garnered global sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause, further isolating Israel in the international arena.

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