Last month, the think tank Global Firepower released the strength ranking of the world’s most powerful forces, according to which the United States is the first, while Pakistan’s army is the seventh best in the world, followed by Japan, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, and Canada. The ranking of the Pakistan Army was at 15th, 10th, and 9th in the world in the previous three years, but this year its ranking has improved by two ranks. The stronger the country’s army is, the stronger its defense and security will be, and this also deters our enemies who sit outside and attack the country and those who attack our countrymen. Cloaked people continue to attack the institutions of this country to weaken them. Now the question is what are the reasons why the Pakistani army has been declared the seventh greatest army in the world, then the reason is the spirit of martyrdom that distinguishes the Pakistani youth from the rest of the world. There are millions and millions of types of jobs in the world. So you have the option of refusal but war and Jihad is the only thing in which you don’t see how much salary you are getting and if you have to sacrifice your life to save the country.

The spirit of martyrdom found in the hearts of Muslims, especially in Pakistani forces, is hardly found anywhere in the world. The rank of a martyr has been described in the Qur’an and also in the hadiths. It was also said that “Do not call those who died fighting in the way of Allah dead, in fact, they are alive and you do not understand it.” In another place, it is said, “And do not think of those who were killed in the way of Allah as dead; rather, they are alive, close to their Lord, and they also receive sustenance.” Martyrdom is an honor that can only be achieved by those who have faith in their hearts. For this reason, Allah Ta’ala has blessed the martyr with numerous honors. It has been emphasized in the Holy Quran that a martyr never dies but lives forever. He is granted sustenance with his Lord, enjoys the eternal blessings of Paradise, and is protected from the punishment of Hell. The sayings found in the Qur’an and Sunnah regarding the position and status of the martyr show that the greatness of the martyr and the status of martyrdom are very high in Islam.

Our new generation should realize the sacrifices of the Pakistan Army during the last two decades because after 9/11, everyone saw the war with their own eyes and saw Pakistani officers and soldiers becoming martyrs and ghazis. In Pakistan, the army appeared to be continuously operating on the front lines. Operation Dir, Operation Buner and Operation Black Thunder, Operation Rah-e-Rast, Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Operation Rah-e-Najat and Operation Rah-e-Haq also tell the long story of the bravery of the Pakistan Army, due to which the dear country of Pakistan got rid of terrorists and militants. Have we forgotten that the Swat, Bahrain, Mengorah and Kalam that we travel to today and enjoy the weather and natural scenery, were ruled by terrorists. No organization, no country was ready to come here and invest their capital. People were afraid to come out of their houses and could not sleep for fear of locking them. Should we forget how terrorists used to desecrate the heads of our soldiers by martyring them? If those sacrifices had not been made, if those heads had not been cut off, then today we would not be living in freedom like this, nor would there be peace and order in the country. But how did we forget the sacrifices of the army and got misled and started propaganda against it, started targeting the memorials of the same martyrs who gave us our parents, and our children a peaceful sleep? Provided a safe environment.

When someone starts insulting the institutions, we follow him without thinking that we have to use our common sense too. We did not even think for a second that this was the enemy’s dream to target Pakistan’s army and weaken it. India has been celebrating the situation in Pakistan since the 9th of May. Think for a moment that if the Pakistan army is the seventh most powerful army in the world, who benefits? Will it benefit the people of India or the people of Bhutan? Do we have to repay these favors of the army in such a way that we start harassing them on social media? Have we been killed or are we brainwashed to do all this? We have to seriously think about it. Nowhere in the world is having a concept of parental freedom. Almost free and easy access to social media also does not mean that we can start writing and posting whatever we want against whomever we want and go out to vandalize whenever we want.

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