The matrix can be defined as the cultural, social, or political environment in which something develops. In simple terms, it can be known as a system that is created in which persons have deliberate beliefs in. In other words, it is a belief developed inside the mindset system. Democracy, a system designed by ancient Athen Cleisthenes in 507-508 BC, is not so different from today’s democracy.

The basic purpose of the creation of such a system was political instability, tyranny oligarchy, and class struggles among key factors that led to the creation of democracy.

Today’s democratic system seems not so different from that created in ancient times. However, humanity strived to maintain this political system for civic development. However, knowledge, education, and awareness brought through technology today have revolutionized the democratic system and thought globally.

Technology has brought about political awareness like never before. Even kingdoms and dictatorships of today are unable to escape the democratic system that is created through technology in the 21st century, except North Korea (which does not uphold technological utilization like the rest of the world).

Mobile phones, computers, and tabloids, being an everyday remedy, have brought about international and universal awareness, due to which an illiterate personality gets a chance to pertain global awareness like never before.

The technological awareness has created a democratic matrix in the mindset of people throughout the world.

A matrix in which persons are forced to believe in a specific flow of a global picture, which in some cases is impossible to escape. A great example that we can see of the democratic matrix today is the ongoing war in Gaza, which we all can see and understand but can do nothing about (except a few). There is another factor that maintains this democratic matrix, which is the interest system, which revolves around the world without breaking its force. This interest system guarantees a bubble of financial security to nations and nationals.

A security that does not guarantee the well-being of a nation or a person once advanced into it. Ultimately, this creates a possibility of vulnerability of a body. Eventually, this makes a body insecure about its financial security. This is a system in which almost all the nations are involved, and it’s seemingly hard to escape such a system of reality. This interest system has a potential link to the present democratic matrix, which runs in the minds of people and bodies without considering it.

For instance, we are taught to believe in certain beliefs that go against our personal or religious beliefs. The ultimate example is the Palestine and Israel war, which is happening as of today. Our use of technology and involvement in the interest system has led most of us not to get involved in the war personally or in groups.

This democratic matrix, created and manipulated by our thought system through technology, is not impossible to escape. The use of social media and online platforms for information, which is somehow injected into tech users, has created our mindsets by corporations, be they banks or otherwise. A person today thinks on behalf of his/her financial conditions and not otherwise. This is why escaping this system is needed. Potentially, this escape is possible and is practiced by the resistance of this century’s greatest war, i.e., the Palestine & Israel war.

The resistance group has somehow managed to escape this system of democratic matrix and is presently delighted with the resistance of this methodical democratic matrix.

As we see in the example of this ongoing war, the persons in vulnerability, be it children, men, and women of Palestine, were unintentionally living in this system, with the exception of the resistance physical force which practiced escaping this system and then acted upon it in regularity, which resulted in their establishment and success in resisting an armed group known as IDF (Israel Defense Force).

The same goes for a single personality to escape this democratic matrix, even by being uninvolved in modern warfare; an act of resisting this system is also in practice today, including in all spheres of practicality. This resistance may include everyday life for the betterment of life itself while making the lives of others better; through this specific resistance, there are chances for personal, national, and international development. It is a matter, unfortunately, to be known to only a few, but it has a potential impact on the lifestyle of personalities.

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