The world has been witnessing unprecedented era due to ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. Tens of thousands of people have been killed while millions are wounded in past few months. There are no sign of ceasefire and dialogues to find peaceful solution to end these conflicts. The rivalry of great powers is further adding fuel on to the fire. Unfortunately, international community and organizations both have failed to prevent these conflicts and passing statements only, which are not enough.

Thousands of people are waiting for food and medicine. But, nobody is interested to heal their wounds.

If we talk about conflict in Gaza, it was started on 7th October last year and still going on. Israeli forces have been indiscriminately attacking and killing innocent civilians including children and women. They have attacked school, hospitals and mosques as well. As per report, which are available on internet, the vast majority of casualties have been in the Gaza Strip: over 33,091 have been killed, 70% of them are women and minors. In December 2023, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor estimated 90% of the casualties were civilians, while the IDF put the civilian ratio at 66% of those killed.

Those who are wounded in the conflict are waiting for medical aid while Israeli authorities are not allowing medical teams to enter Gaza area, which has created human catastrophe in Gaza. Recently, Israeli forces bombed largest hospital in Gaza Shifa hospital, which left entire medical sector vulnerable. Hundreds of people lost their lives due to shortage of medicine and oxygen in the hospital of Gaza. At the same time, Israeli forces are mercilessly killing people.

It is very unfortunate international community including the United States have refused to pressurize Israeli authorities to stop genocide and killings of civilians in Gaza strip.

The Biden administration has been consistently supplying more sophisticated weapons and other defense equipment to Israeli government and armed forces. The US Congress recently approved $20 Billions for Israel, which is likely to intensify already swirling conflict. Israeli government thanked President Biden and vowed to escalate its grounds as well as air combat in Gaza.

Likewise, Western states including Germany, France and United Kingdom have also extended their support to Israeli government and announced financial support for Netanyahu government. The blind Western support to Zionist regime in Israel has complicating the conflict and empowering Israeli Defense Forces to attack Gaza with more force and determination. The Western and US support is likely to have severe implications for regional as well as global peace. Israeli actions have already brought the Middle East region on the cusp of direct confrontation with other states such as Iran. It is high time for international community to realize the sensitivity of situation and urge Israeli authorities to have direct peace talks with Hamas and stop its ground as well as air combat.

Likewise, the situation in Ukraine is also worrisome where thousands of people have been killed so far since 2021. Unfortunately, there are no sign of peace in the region. Innocent people are being killed due to the conflict, which seems more political in nature. Russian offensives against Ukraine are making the lives miserable and also created humanitarian crisis. Again, great powers are involved in the conflict and supporting Ukraine in order to accomplish their political and strategic objectives.

Ukrainian people are protesting against war-centric policies of President Zelenskyy by accusing him of fighting West the US’ war against Russia. However, President Zelenskyy is determined to fight against Russia at any cost. The war has left entire Ukraine on the mercy of foreign aid as people are struggling to find peaceful and secure place to live. It is responsibility of government to sense the mood of masses and initiate efforts to end the conflict instead of prolonging it. War is not a solution of any conflict. Dialogues are the only way forward.

After the failure of League of Nation to prevent WWII, the United Nations has also failed to stop conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, which led to unprecedented humanitarian conflict in the history. If international organizations such as UN and UNSC cannot precent conflict, then there is no need for their existence. The primary objectives of these organizations were to stop war and ensure peace across the globe. However, they have failed to accomplish their objectives. It is high time for international community, organizations and human rights watchdogs to initiate joint efforts in order to bring peace in the world. Otherwise, the conflicts are likely to further create inflation which will have negative implications for developing as well as developed states.

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