The first meeting of the Pakistan-China-Iran Trilateral Consultation on counter-terrorism and security was held in Beijing, marking an important milestone in the cooperation between these three nations. The meeting aimed to address various issues related to regional anti-terrorism efforts and cooperation against cross-border terrorists. Senior diplomats from Pakistan, China, and Iran actively participated in the meeting, and significant decisions were made to enhance collaboration in the field of counter-terrorism.

Meeting Details

The meeting took place on 7th June 2023 in Beijing, China, and brought together high-ranking officials from the three countries. Mr. Abdul Hameed, the Director General of Counter Terrorism at Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led the Pakistani delegation. Representing China was Mr. Bai Tian, the Director General of the Department of External Security Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Iranian delegation was headed by Mr. Seyed Rasoul Mosavi, the Assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister and Director General of South Asia at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Discussions and Decisions

During the meeting, the delegations engaged in detailed discussions on the regional security situation, with a particular focus on the threat of terrorism faced by the region. The discussions emphasized the need for collective efforts to combat terrorism effectively. Based on the outcomes of these consultations, the three nations decided to institutionalize the Trilateral Consultations on counter-terrorism and security. While further details regarding the institutionalization are yet to be worked out, this decision underscores the commitment of Pakistan, China, and Iran to strengthening their cooperation in countering terrorism.

Bilateral Consultations

In addition to the trilateral meeting, China also held separate bilateral consultations on anti-terrorism with both Pakistan and Iran. These consultations reflect the significance of individual relationships between China and each country in combating terrorism. The separate discussions further enhanced mutual understanding and coordination among the participating nations.

Summary of the Discussions

The discussions during the meeting revolved around the regional security situation and the significant threat posed by terrorism. The delegations acknowledged the need for close collaboration to effectively tackle this menace. They emphasized the importance of sharing intelligence, coordinating operations, and promoting information exchange to enhance counter-terrorism efforts.

The Trilateral Consultation serves as a platform for the three countries to develop joint strategies and action plans to address the evolving challenges of terrorism in the region. By institutionalizing these consultations, Pakistan, China, and Iran aim to establish a framework for regular dialogues and cooperation in countering terrorism and ensuring regional security.


The first meeting of the Pakistan-China-Iran Trilateral Consultation on counter-terrorism and security in Beijing signifies a significant step towards fostering closer cooperation among the three nations. The meeting laid the foundation.


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